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The importance of accurate estimating.

As LV Construction has grown, the complexity of projects has increased and we’ve always made sure that our capability and professionalism has always been pushed forward so that we are able to deliver the high quality of service that our construction partners, main contractors and clients require.

Very central to our ability to being able to ensure we deliver default free work packages is our focus on the accuracy of our pricing, timing and resource requirements in the planning stages of projects.

Whether we’re responding to a new tender or moving on to a new project for an existing client, we employ the services of a professional construction estimator to make sure that our proposal and quotations are accurate and that we’re able to follow through and deliver in line with our recommendations without putting ourselves, the main contractor of the end client in any risk.

Not only does this approach help to ensure work packages are delivered within budget, on time and to the high level of quality expected, it also ensures that the main contractors and clients that choose to work with LV Construction can trust and be confident in the service and finished product they will receive.

With an accurate estimation of time, costs and resource usage in place for each project, we’re able to confidently assess the next available project, knowing the current usage and future plan for moving on to deliver the next set of works.

Bringing the estimating activity into our processes alongside our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system and approach brings benefit to everyone involved throughout projects and enables us to confidently grow LV Construction to becoming a leading supplier of groundworks, civils, blockwork and labour to our construction partners and clients.